Thursday, November 16, 2006

Progress steady but slow

Okay, I would apologise about delay if I thought anyone was reading it, maybe I should do something to publicise it, but then I reckon there's no point in doing that untill I know I am going to stick with it.


Did a bit of work yesterday with sound files for leaving certs - seems to have gone down well, but again time will tell.
Had already done some files for Junior Certs here.

Put up some revision notes for Applied Maths.

We had the Lab-in-a-Lorry visit today which first and second years seemed to really enjoy, more of the same tomorrow. Hopefully I will have time to take the camcorder out and record some clips to put on the website.

The site does offer more ideas on an almost daily basis. I had a student today who couldn't take a test because he wasn't going to be in school, and wanted a copy of it to do later. I couldn't do this because i couldn't be sure that the test would remain confidential, but I was able to put it up on the home page temporarily, so that it could be downloaded.

We had a memorial service for our school chaplain today. Bob Whiteside died last week after a long illness, and if there's a more positive, cheerful character out there I have yet to meet him.
It was nice to see many of the past pupils return for the service and catch up.

Hopefully I will get around to putting up an archive where we can keep track of who went where, and what the various undergraduates have to say about their courses, so that Leaving Cert students can get a flavour of what's involved with each course.

Stay tuned

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