Wednesday, March 14, 2007

vidipedia as alternative to banned youtube and googlevideo?

Have been locked out from my website for the last two months and it has been extremely frustrating. Was told the problem was at my end so ended up reformatting hard-drive with all the problems that brought with it, only to find that problem still remained.
Was eventually told last night that the problem was with "ownership issues" and apparently everything is sorted now.

found vidipedia last night and got to thinking that this might be a very nice way of watching video-clips which are currently on googlevideo and youtube, but which are banned in schools.

You can download youtube videos directly, and with a small bit of trickery you can download from googlevideo also, then just upload on to vidipidia. Too easy to be true?

I'll check back in a week or so and if everything is still there, I might make a start. I also need to check that this site is not banned, but I wouldn't think so.

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